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Stuff I do:

These are all songs that I was hired to do for different clients. 

On "Mama's Ragin" and "Christmas with the Ents," I played drums and electric bass.   

On "Something's in the Water," I did drums and all of the synths and strings. 

On "The One I Can Believe In," I did drums, bass, synth, and strings.     

"Friend for Christmas" and "Christmas with the Ents" were part an album called, "Christmas in Middle-Earth" loosely based on J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series.  The album was a large scale production, complete with lead vocals, choir, and horns.   On both songs, I did all drums, percussion and bass, and on "Christmas with the Ents," I also added the sound of the Ents marching.  Hear the entire album here.

All tracks were mixed by myself as demo versions of this music, for purpose of showing my work, but are not final versions, and are used with permission from the artists.  

Below is a link to Juna Serita's opening track from her album "1509" which was recorded at, you guessed it, Studio 1509!  👇🏼

Studio 1509's first full album:
Derek Engstrom's Easy Living

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