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About Studio 1509

Studio 1509 is a garage conversion home studio.  I’m Rion Smith, the creator, builder, audio engineer, drummer, and overall main dude at Studio 1509.  


I’ve been drumming for three and a half decades, and recording music for over 20.   I’ve been a drummer for Blue Man Group for over 13 years, and performed the Orlando show, as well as several tours around the world.

Now, with my studio built, I’m starting up my music production company,

Studio 1509.

I can record drums for you, and I can also add synths, keys, string arrangements, a variety of percussion sounds, and bass.

My vision for this space is for it to be a collaborative space where we create music and videos that reach around the globe.  




I’m very happy with the drum sounds I’m getting in this space.  (listen here)  Having the larger room, and vaulted ceilings makes all the difference for recording drums. 


I use mainly vintage drum equipment, with a Rogers 1974 Kit (12, 13, 16, 22) as my main recording kit.  I also have a 1966 Ludwig SuperBeat kit (13, 16, 20), a small jazz kit that I made myself (12, 14, 18) and the ultra-small Jungle kit (10, 13, 16).


My snare collection includes a Ludwig Black Beauty, a Ludwig Supraphonic, and a Rogers Dynasonic chrome over brass.  


All of this ensures that I'm able to get just the right sound for the song.  


My basic recording setup for live drums is:


Overhead Left and Right

Kick In

Kick Out

Snare Top

Snare Bottom

Tom 1

Tom 2



I will expand/shrink this setup to suit the needs of the particular track I’m recording. 




Washburn Taurus Bass




KORG minilogue xd - analogue synth

Plus a wide variety of synth and sampled sounds in Logic.     

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